Logitech t650 Wireless Touchpad (on Ubuntu)

I recently added a Logitech T650 Wireless Touchpad to my home office setup in an effort to match the Apple Magic Trackpad that I use at work. My command center at work consists of a 27″ iMac surrounded by dual monitors (one in the upright position, dedicated to tail-ing the logs!), an Apple Wireless Keyboard, […]

Installing MeeGo on an EeePC 900

I have heard about MeeGo before, but haven’t looked into the project much until now. As it turns out, MeeGo is a linux-based distribution which is aimed at handhelds, connected TVs, in-vehicle infotainment systems, and netbooks/tablets. It was only announced by Nokia and Intel in 2010 in an effort to merge the Maemo and Moblin […]


Editing the Top Panel in Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition

After upgrading my eee PC netbook to Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 I found to my dismay that the top gnome-panel is completely locked-down. Unable to find a work-around through gconf-editor or any other easily accessible means, I decided to try my hand at manually editing the gconf configuration files. The following is a tuturial explaining how to remove the Window Picker Applet and add the DockBar and NameBar applets in its place.

Dual-Booting Ubuntu Netbook Remix and Android-x86 on an Asus Eee PC

After finally purchasing a netbook (Asus Eee PC 900) and finding the Windows OS that it came with to be riddled with viruses, I decided to install Android and Ubuntu Netbook Remix. This article diagrams that process, and how I setup my bootloader to dual-boot both operating systems.

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