Town Hall with WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg

I just got in from the most recent WordPressDC meetup, where the founder of WordPress and AutomatticMatt Mullenweg, entertained us with a nice QA presentation.  The event was held at Fathom Creative in D.C. near 14th and Rhode Island, with about 100 people in attendance (plus another 50 or so via Livestream).For those of you who don’t know, WordPress is arguably the most popular and most secure blogging platform in the open source community.  It powers something like 12 percent of all sites on the web, and according to Matt, there is little reason why WordPress can’t prove useful to the other 88 percent in the future.

Washinton, DC, is a very special place in the history of WordPress.  When Matt was in the Washington, DC, area during a high school field trip, he wanted to share his experiences with his friends back home in Houston, TX.  Out of that need came what we know now to be WordPress.

One take-away from tonights discussion for any budding entrepreneurs is that most successful entrepreneurs are pursuing something that they are utterly passionate about.  So passionate, in fact, that regardless of their profit margins, they remain committed to their mission.

Overall, I enjoyed tonights discussion.  It was enlightening to see how a young, down-to-earth guy changed the face of modern communication.