Video Series: Mastering Magento

Mastering Magento - Packt Publishing

If you’re looking for a fast way to learn Magento development, these video tutorials are essential. The Mastering Magento video series is filled with detailed and in-depth how-to videos demonstrating a variety of ways that you can customize the Magento platform. And when I say filled, I mean that this package is literally jam-packed with content (nearly four hours of video). All code examples are available to download if you purchase the course. You will also get thorough line-by-line commentary as you follow along with the videos.

Course Contents

  1. Installing Magento [27:51 minutes]
    • Preparing Your Server for Magento
    • Installing the Magento Software
    • Alternate Installation via the Command Line Prompt
    • Setting Up Multiple Storefronts
  2. Extending Magento [23:06 minutes]
    • Setting Up Your Development Environment
    • Creating a Module
    • Creating a Frontend Controller
    • Creating Frontend Layouts
    • Creating Blocks and Templates
  3. Extending the Admin [20:51 minutes]
    • Adding a Menu Item in the Admin
    • Adding System Configuration Fields
    • Creating Models
    • Writing Module Installation Scripts
    • Event-Handling and Observers
  4. Mastering the Admin [29:07 minutes]
    • Building Forms
    • Processing Forms
    • Creating Grids
    • Editing Grid Items
    • Grid Mass Actions
    • Exporting Grid Data
  5. Programming the Catalog [27:01 minutes]
    • Creating Custom Product Types
    • Adding Custom Product Attributes
    • Advanced Product Editing
    • Saving Your Product
    • Frontend Product View
  6. Programming the Shopping Cart [39:31 minutes]
    • Cart Item Behavior – Part 1
    • Cart Item Behavior – Part 2
    • Controller Guest Checkout
    • Creating a Custom Payment Method
    • Adding a Step in the Checkout Process
    • Processing Orders
  7. Importing and Exporting Data [17:29 minutes]
    • Introduction to the Dataflow
    • Advanced Dataflow Profiles
    • Writing Your Own Adapter
    • Importing Orders
  8. Advanced Techniques [27:20 minutes]
    • Writing Shell Scripts
    • Bootstrapping Magento for External Applications
    • Debugging with Xdebug – Part 1
    • Debugging with Xdebug – Part 2
    • Debugging with Xdebug – Part 3